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Pole Vault Training

Winter Hours (STARTS NOVEMBER 2nd)

Monday(Jump day) Wednesday (Jump day)

Group A (ALREADY FULL) 4:30pm-7:00pm

Group B (NEW SIGNUPS) 6:00pm-8:30pm

Tuesday (Off runway) Thursday (Off runway) Friday (Jump day)




Emphasis will be placed on more advanced techniques including inversion and bar clearance, while moving to longer and heavier poles. Off runway work will include slide box, conditioning via weight room circuits and gymnastics/inversion drills. 

Coached by Stacy Dragila and Steven Pust

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Speed and Agility

Winter Hours

Tuesday and Friday


Athlete will focus training on stride length, stride frequency, and footwork fundamentals with resisted running and speed ladders along with linear speed, agility and vertical jump. Strength development and athletic development are main focuses.

Coached by Steven Pust

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Intro to Athletics

Fall Hours



Introduction to the fundamentals of track & field thru fun-based activities designed to provide a solid bio-mechanical base of learning thru play, including: basic sprint mechanics, speed development, stick jumping, free play, obstacle courses and much more. 

Coached by Stacy Dragila

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Intro to Pole Vault

Winter Hours

Tuesday and Friday




1 hour session for beginners gets them started right! Proper progression of drills, and strength moves to gain confidence as they work towards the intermediate class.

Coached by Steven Pust

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Open Gym



Hone your skills, or just come in to have a good time. We offer gymnastics training, pole vault, speed and agility, strength and conditioning, and free play! Stay ahead of the game, and prepare for your season in the best facility around!

Coached by Stacy Dragila and Steven Pust

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Private Coaching

By appointment only

Private one on one coaching. Each session is 1.5 hours long with plenty of rest between reps since you are training by yourself.

Sessions include: an organized warm up, pit time, and coaching/corrections during the entire duration.

Privates are done outside of normal business hours, and are done by appointment only.

Coached by Stacy Dragila and Steven Pust

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Video Analysis

By appointment only

In Facility, or Satellite Options

We will provide a detailed plan specifically designed for YOUR vault. This plan will include specific drills to emphasize proper positions and strength development appropriate to YOUR vault.

Led by Stacy Dragila and Steven Pust

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Comprehensive Training Program

By appointment only

Personalized training program designed by Stacy Dragila and Steven Pust. Each training plan is individualized for your own personal needs. Every athlete is in a different spot on their journey, and not everyone has access to the same training opportunities! We can design a program regardless of your situation.

Written by Stacy Dragila and Steven Pust


UCS Dealer

By contact only

Stacy is also a UCS equipment dealer. If you or someone you know needs pole vault poles, hurdles, pole vault pits, high jump pits, or anything in between, Stacy is the rep for you!

Inquire today about how Stacy can help your equipment needs with one of the best equipment providers around.